August 11th: DONORS NEEDED!  We need dough to finish our FringeNYC run!!



FRI 8/8 @ 3:30; SUN 8/10 @ NOON; WED 8/13 @ 9:15; THU 8/14 @ 7; FRI 8/15 @ 9:15
@”VENUE #6″ –The Connelly Theater

About The Play:

13-year old Charlotte Van Meder lives at the unlikely junction of two families: one is Afrikaner – Dutch South African  –  the other, African American. So far, neither family’s done too well by Charlotte.

Charlotte’s mom has beaten a drug habit, but she’s also decided rebuilding her life won’t include moving back  to Massachusetts to raise her daughter. Charlotte’s dad, Eric, is off in Johannesburg, a world away. He calls sometimes and sends money, but he’s never really been there when she’s needed him.  All in all, Charlotte’s been bounced around and left alone – a lot. Too much.

Recently, though, things have changed for the better.  Her mom’s Aunt Tee and Tee’s husband George have taken Charlotte and given her the first sense of home and security she’s ever had.  Her dad’s sister,  Afton, has come back into Charlotte’s life. And when Aunt Af says she’s never leaving again, Charlotte knows she can believe her.

But the past is hard to leave behind,  no matter how good the present may be. Both Tee and Afton know this all too well.  Both women see Charlotte’s still suffering – from her unsettled childhood, unfinished business with her parents,. and the destructive patterns that have  too long  had a hold on both their families. Together, they are determined to pull Charlotte out of danger and put her on the track to the happiness she deserves.

 And that’s where  story begins…

(Romare Bearden)

The All Stories Theater Company is an independent association of artists dedicated to bring a diverse array of, compelling, exciting original theater to our audiences.

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